Ten words I need to stop misspelling!

Words We Need to Stop Misspelling by The Oatmeal. I have to admit this entails some of my biggest pet peeves.

Pet Peeves!

15 Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Silly

15 Grammar Goofs Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Education category. Check out 15 Grammar Goofs now!

Tricky prepositions - #ESL #EFL #ELT #LearnEnglish

Tricky prepositions -- infographic for

punctuation chart

This is a great chart for different grammar students may come upon when writing or editing/revising. (Makes a great anchor chart as well). I picked this chart because it is clear cut, easy to read, and would catch students' eyes if I were to color it up.

Kitchen verbs #ELT #ESL #EFL

Useful Cooking Verbs in English

Descriptive words- great poster for classroom!

MORE DESCRIPTIVE WORDS Other Ways to Say Writing Poster TCR Chart NEW

descriptive words other words to use. be still my heart! I love using a variety of descriptive words. This list, in the words of Mrs.Riley -my high school English teacher, is a plethora of words :-)

Chart with a list of fruit in English and photos of each one.

Fruit - English Vocabulary List and Fruit vs Fruits Grammar

EwR.Poster #English Vocabulary - Tools


English Vocabulary - Tools Learn or practise English with native English…

Vocabulaire de la nourriture (food)

Educational infographic & data visualisation Vegetables - English Vocabulary List and Chart with Photos Infographic Description Vegetables in English - A c

EwR.Poster #English Vocabulary - 24 Tools in the Kitchen


Poster Vocabulary – 24 Tools in the Kitchen www.Poster Vocabulary – 24 Tools in the Kitchen www.

Grammar-licious: PREPOSITIONS

Now PLEASE come up with one explaining objects of prepositions.

confusing verbs #ESL #ELT #EFL #LearnEnglish

confusing verbs - Learn and improve your English language with our FREE Classes.edu/esl

Learn English is fun!

Human body parts vocabulary

The difference between Do vs Make in English

DO vs MAKE: appropriate pairings in Spoken American English. Use for ESL students, Deaf, Interpreters etc

EwR.Poster #English Vocabulary - City


Learn German online with the Rocket German free trial. Learning German is fast and easy with our audio course, software and German language lessons.

Difference between “just” and “only”

Estudia inglés en Irlanda & Collins- difference between “just” and “only”