1976 - For Stanley Forman and the chilling photo taken for the Boston Herald American in a fire in the city.

Boston Fire 1976 Pulitzer Prize, Spot News Photography, Stanley J. Forman, Boston Herald American 2 girls fall from burning building

1980 - Awarded to the Ettela Razmi Jahangir `at Iran for his photograph of a firing squad at home

The Pulitzer winning photograph of ”Firing squad in Iran” of the Iranian revolution by Iranian photographer Jahangir Razmi is of great attraction to me firstly because of its unrefined depiction, which is supposedly true for all Pulitzer winners.

1960 - Photo by Andrew Lopez for United Press International. It takes the time that a religious talk to a member of the army of Batista moments before being shot by Castro.

Photograph of a corporal, formerly of Dictator Fulgencio Batista’s's army, who was executed by a Fidel Castro firing squad, showing the condemned man receiving last rites. Pulitzer Prize for Photography. Andrew Lopez of United Press International

1978 - Awarded to J. Ross Baughman, Associated Press for his photographs of the guerrillas in Rhodesia.

It is The white Rhodesian government is under intense pressure from the country's disenfranchised black majority. Baughman travels with a rugged cavalry unit. Their mission: to seek out anti-government guerrillas and destroy them.

1963 - Hector Rondon's Award of The Republic for this photo titled "Aid form the Father", in which a wounded soldier is held by a priest in the insurrection in Venezuela last year.

Christ, since he is always with us, is also present on the battlefield. It is through the priest and the Holy Mass that is performed. The Eucharist can be performed anywhere… not only in a physical church.

1977 - For Stanley Forman, for his photo of a young man using a flag a lance.

Pulitzer prize, Joseph Rakes attacks lawyer and activist Theodore Landsmark with the American flag, Stanley Forman, 1976