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princess_celestia_and_princess_luna_wolf_version_by_affanita-d5y8smz.jpg (1652×1181)

My next instalment to the pony wolf series I wanted to do a background as the princesses are more significant than the others (sorry not sorry) EDIT: ch. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna wolf version

Pony Study 2 by katze-des-grauens on DeviantArt

Continuing on from my legs tutorial I just wanted to show off several examples of how leg poses can look with the entire body aswell. Hope these help you guys and that is so not GhostQuill and I do.

Sketches: Pony Poses by *Rannie-kins on deviantART

PLEASE NOTE: These are OLD, and not a reflection of my current art style. Please support me by purchasing my latest reference and sketch pack, if .