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Este juego de 'proteger' se ha convertido en un 'linchamiento'. Y en las guerras, siempre muere quien menos se lo merece. De ahí que las deteste con toda mi alma.

Pablo Picasso's controversial "Guernica" is a political statement. This paintings illustrates an immediate reaction to the Nazi's casual bombing during the Spanish Civil War. This painting is an antiwar symbol, and a reminder of the tragedies. Guernica i

Pablo Picasso, Guernica, 1937 349 cm × 776 cm. (Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid) Guernica es un famoso cuadro de Pablo Picasso, pintado entre los meses de mayo y junio de 1937, cuyo título alude al bombardeo de Guernica, ocurrido el 26 de abril de dicho año, durante la Guerra Civil Española.

'Pablo Picasso, Guernica, oil on canvas, 349 cm × 776 cm. (Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid)' an iconic painting that discusses the atrocities of war.

Dibujos increíbles

This work looks striking through the colour tone. Simple shapes are constructed and is adapted through the colour depth to generate a perspective. Simple line structures are also used to create a form of abstract as well as linking into architecture