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Sometimes I can sleep through the loudest alarm ringing, but the little tiny quiet phone vibrating can wake me up instantly! For more "Love is" comics, . Love is.

Innocence of a child, by Sandra Kuck

Wonderful childhood paintings by Donald Zolan. Donald Zolan is America's Leading Children's oil painting specialist.

If you love something, let it go... and if it comes back, run away with it and keep it safe. <3

If you love something let it go. just catch it and run away with it! support HJ-Story on Patreon Let it go.

Check out the comic HJ-Story :: Love is... Missing You

Having fun with friends. but missing you. My wife and her friend went on a europe backpack trip last month, and she told me that whenever she was havi. Love is. Missing You

HJ-Story ~ I need you!

Someone suggested me do an "I Need You" image a long time ago but I didn't have any idea of how to portray it nicely then finally this idea popped in my. I Need You!

HJ-Story :: Date

HJ-Story : so many things to tell u Love is. pinning this…