Marcapáginas hecho con palitos de polo y gatos de fieltro

Cute mini-cat bookmarks (foreign language instruction - picture only) - make a paper pattern first. Glue felt cut-outs onto craft stick dotted with paw prints. Tie with twine or mini-ribbon. Cute idea for a party favor!

Descanso celular

DYI is the best dyi woodworking signs DIY iPhone Stand made of wood. Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas & Inspiration!

25 Ideas “DIY and Craft” para crear y decorar con palitos de helado. | Mil Ideas…

25 Ideas “DIY and Craft” para crear y decorar con palitos de helado.

DIY Project Popsicle Stick Icosahedron: "In geometry, an icosahedron is a regular polyhedron with 20 identical equilateral triangular faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices. It is one of the five Platonic solids.


Popsicle Stick Craft Box for Kids! (I would use colored Popsicle sticks instead) start with 2 sticks 3 inches apart and build up from there

Un proyecto más complejo: una lámpara rectangular.

33 cosas que puedes hacer con palitos de paleta

This is another lovely popsicle kit made in Taiwan. I made it during the summer vacation and it looks beautiful. These kits are very cheap and well worth getting into the world of crafts. You can buy them in Taiwan from this website.

Cómo hacer servilleteros con palitos de helado | Manualidades

Manualidades rápidas y sencillas: servilleteros con palitos de helado

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