raquel cohen

Collection by Yolanda

Light sculptures by Raquel Cohen Sculpture, Art, Wire Mesh, Sculptures, Art Background, Kunst, Gcse Art, Sculpting, Statue

Raquel Cohen: Light Sculptures

COCUYOS: Creatures of the Coleoptera family which dispel the darkness of the night. [name given to a local variety of lightning bugs by Spanish speakers in the Caribbean region] COCUYOS: Criaturas de la familia de los coleópteros que ahuyentan la noche [nombre que reciben las luciérnagas en el área caribeña]

Light Sculptures by Raquel Cohen It Works, Wire Mesh, Labyrinths, Lights, Sculptures, Night

Laberintos. Raquel Cohen. Light Sculptures. Niao (Asturias)

Light Sculptures by Raquel Cohen. Sculptures, Sculpture, Sculpting, Marbles

Light Sculptures by Raquel Cohen. Asturias