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the sun tells you what time it is, the moon tells you what day it is and the stars tell you what month it is
Like that was just a coincidence from an explosion? Nope sorry, things were created that way.
the sun is looking in opposite directions, and there are stars at the same time
The Earth can not be a globe... do the math people... flat earth fun
the sun tells you what time it is, the moon tells you what day it is and the stars tell you what month it is
the water cycle and how it is made with photoshopped images, texting
Сашко Зотевски (@Tocak1) | Twitter
the earth's water and landforms are shown in this poster
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a fountain in the middle of a park with people sitting on benches and walking around it
an image of a clock with different parts labeled in the center and on the outside
Videos.com ~ Free Videos, Online Videos, Video Search Engine
Astrology and the Flat and Hollow Earth
an image of the ancient world with some information about its origin and origins in it
The Flat Earth Controversy - Conclusions
flat earth dome | This is perhaps all the more intriguing if Andrew Hoy's model of the ...
a poster with an image of the earth in a glass dome that says, what's the most valuable thing in the universe? you are because you are the center of god's creation
I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. (Psalm 139:14)
four different types of stars in the sky with caption that reads, flat global how stars appear in real life
an egg with the earth in it's center and words describing what they are saying
Earth Controversy: Flat or Not
an article about the solar system and its planets
Flat earth!
the moon only illuminated clouds local to it which would be impossible if it were 350 miles away
Flat earth
a globe with the words you laid the foundationss of the earth that it should not be moved forever
If your proof of flat earth is based on a fairy tale book written by mere men with an agenda to control the masses, & is filled with the history of the Egyptian PAGAN Gods mythology reworded to suit the authors needs at the time, then you really don't have any proof. The Bible is fiction, a horrible & twisted fairy tale filled with murder, slavery, rape, & incest. It was written by man, for men, to control & manipulate. It is not proof of anything other than the idiocies of the authors & the fol
the diagram shows how earth's magnetic field is made and what it looks like
Flat Earth under dome