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September Fun Fall Crafts Competition

September Fun Fall Crafts - Art with leaves! Press the leaves until they are flat and dry, then make beautiful creatures - just add pen! Use with read aloud Fall Man

Decoramos las ventanas Más

Looks like contact paper on the window. What a lovely place to display all the beautiful leaves the kids and I collect in fall. Fall crafts for kids.


10 DIY leaf crafts that kids can actually do

Celebrate fall with these 10 fun DIY projects with leaves, either real ones from your yard or faux ones from a craft store or dollar store. Try These 10 Fun DIY Projects With Leaves via

I could paint the background on a wall. They could paint paper plates of different sizes and pin them.

paint the background on a wall.They could paint paper plates of different sizes and pin them.

Quien soy??

Fantastic mosaic lesson using cardboard, construction paper dots, and the creative gestures of students! (Source = The Art Room at The Falcon Academy of Creative Arts: grade art)


zella said purple: respecting children's learning. From Stretch the Imagination, Marin, California. Great idea to show developmental process.

cuadros para hacer los chicos.

Vraiment cool pour un projet de début d'année: Portrait de classe Art Projects for Kids: Kinder Self Portraits on Canvas . bic/sharpie perm marker drawing on dry wax paper which is glued to a canvas.

Esta actividad se desarrollara en la clase de lengua, en el tema en el que se trata de como se describen las personas o a ellos mismos. Tendrían que buscar una imagen de ellos mismos y en el otro medio folio, donde se pega la foto suya tendrá que dibujarse y en a otra cara del folio tendrá que describirse a el/ella mismo/a.

Manualidades infantiles: hacer arte con los niños

dee*construction: art for kids - symmetry + portraits *Idea for take a photocopy and fold down middle. Kids can draw the other side of their face, then switch folder side over and draw other side. Mount with photo.

Color: luz - sombra y desaturación: Elcolor es luz , y por lo tanto cualquier variación de luz puede cambiar un color, cuando algo tapa l...

atelier ombres contours Have children trace each other and then fill themselves in with color, pictures, and/or words to describe how they feel