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Jimin Wallpaper

Jimin Wallpaper This is really nice 😆😆❤️

Wouldn't we all like to be able to do this. This young dancer is striking a pose.

Her foot ahhhh

Ballerina Tutu

Lovely, rather ambiguous photograph of ballerinas in their tutus.

b a l l e t (pointe)

The actresses on Bunheads tell all about professional dancing and life on screen Mimi Staker

Pinterest: Maria Barroso

messy buns and cozy sweaters

Una pared

Una pared

Noticias al momento: Inglés: sonidos claves

Estudiamos= we study

♦ pinterest: maereenotani ♦

We give you tips and advice on how to make friends after you leave college behind.

Un resultado que nunca falla en tus fotos.

Goes with all type of photos and colours (more with blue and pink).

Lock screen/Wallpaper

Lock screen/Wallpaper