How is the object used in measurement? >> Color by Measurement Purpose >> Fun and interactive way to review how and what we measure!

The Spring Grade Math Worksheets packet is filled with fun and adorable math worksheets that will engage your children with a Spring theme. This packet is designed for grade students with a few worksheets that extend their skills beyond the grade level.

Worksheets for comparing capacity. Part of a kindergarten math unit on measurement.

Kindergarten Math ~ Measurement

Worksheets: Measurement Mania: Liters

Measurement Mania: Liters

measurement worksheets reading scales 3e

Here you will find our Grade Measurement Worksheets which will help your child to learn to read a variety of scales going up in halves, ones, fives, tens, fifties and hundreds.

Orientación Los Pedroches: Unidades de medida Capacidad por José Boo

Great Spanish worksheets for working with volume. There are six printable…

Reading a Graduated Cylinder

Printable measuring capacity worksheets contain estimating capacity of real life objects, reading graduated cylinder, measuring jug and more.

Ficha de capacidad de envases pesa para primaria

Fichas para imprimir

Ficha de capacidad de envases pesa para primaria