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Jaap Scheeren (Photography) - Palm trees in Hyeres

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Jaap Scheeren and Edward Steichen

I love Hans Gremmen and Jaap Scheeren's book Fake Flowers in Full Colour. It reminds me of Steichen's dye-transfer flowers, except Scheeren's attempts at putting all the separarations together went wrong - but then so did Steichen's in a different way. The book is an investigation of how wrong or otherwise the experiment went. "We were wondering if it was possible to create a 3D-colour seperation. We tried to do this with a bouquet of fake flowers. We made 4 still-lifes: one in Cyan, one in…

jaap scheeren photographer photography

Jaap Scheeren

Photos by Jaap Scheeren. Netherlands.

Jaap Scheeren

Jaap Scheeren

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Jaap Scheeren (Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1979) is a young artist who brings a fresh and broadening of scope to art photography. His carefree, calculated clumsy and humoristic approach to his work enhances the authentic and pure character of his series, without relinquishing the underlying seriousness or sincerity of his intentions. Scheeren photographs reality as he wants it to be which does not mean that it cannot exist so. Scheeren: ‘Did you know that ‘the left ear is more sensible to…

Jaap Scheeren, 3 Roses, 9 Ravens, 12 Months (Slovakia) | The Bridge, 2008

jaap scheeren

jaap scheeren

Trying to make a buck out of bad luck, 2010 © Jaap Scheeren

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jaap scheeren

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