♡ Study Break ♡

Don't forget to take some time for your brain to rest with all of your studies! Here are some ideas that you can draw, paint, or anything else that might be a…
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someone holding up a painted disc with clouds and stars on it
Pastel Rainbow Skies Hand-Painted Recycled Vinyl Record
One recycled vinyl record painted with a pastel rainbow sky scene, finished with a glossy, hard coat to prevent peeling or chipping.
a person holding up several different colored papers with designs on them in front of a patterned background
an assortment of crafting supplies on a table with the words good vibes painted on it
G o o d v i b e s
Leadership, Happiness, Motivation, Self Help, Self Improvement Tips, Self Improvement, Self Development, Self Care Activities, Change Your Mindset
25 Journal Prompts for Self-Love and Confidence Building
an info poster with different types of things to see in the text and pictures on it
60 Self Care Ideas for At Home Stress Relief
a person holding up a piece of paper with a tree in the distance on it
Anadolu Yakası Escort - İstanbul Anadolu yakası escort bayan • 2022
a card with pink and purple watercolors on it next to flowers, paintbrushes and an acrylic pen
Aquarell, Sonnenuntergang - #aquarell #sonnenuntergang - #new #wasserf
a drawing of a beakle with science related items coming out of it
Back To School Science Learning Symbols by Gorbash Varvara