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When STEM brings you down, scroll through these to remind yourself of your worth. Remember your "why" and keep on pushing! ~ always remember your worth ~
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the quote you know you're on the right path when you're excited about it
Inspirational self care website
the words begin even if you have no idea if it will work
Dear Friend, Today is a New Day - An Encouraging Letter to You
a pink background with the words focus on your goal don't look anywhere but ahead
Female Entreprenuer Quotes | 40+ Quotes for the Ultimate GirlBoss -
the words girl, do it for you are written in black on a white background
Girl, Do it for you!
a black and white quote with the words if you have the courage to begin, you have
Canvas Prints to Match Any Home's Decor | Society6
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Siren Traveller
a pink background with the words to be successful you must find your stick to your blueprint around your why
Do you want to know how to be successful in life?
a black and white photo with the words trust the time of your life on it
Mom Quotes
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk with a pen next to it and the words, remember the reason you're doing this is to make your life better
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a desk with a laptop on it and the words do something today that your future self will thank you for
Medical Basics - Medical Education Made Simple
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