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Jordan Clark's collages are image deconstructions that recreate the picture as if looking at it through a prism creating geometric juxtapositions

These odd-looking creatures are, in fact, two-day-old zebrafish larvae, as seen through a scanning electron microscope.

We won? Zebrafish larvae startled after hearing their extreme close-up image has taken first prize in science photo contest

A zebrafish is a tropical freshwater fish in the minnow family. These to odd looking creatures are 2 day old zebra fish larvae. Picture Credit: Jurgen Berger and Mahendra Sonawane, both employees at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology.

Horse in Wall by Maurizio Cattelan

MAURIZIO CATTELAN, Untitled The horse that jumped and whose head disappears into the wall and is immortalized in this absurd jump which reverse the convention of the animal's head as an hunting trophy.

Tiny Art at Your Fingertips: Nail Landscapes by Alice Bartlett

Tiny Art at Your Fingertips: Nail Landscapes by Alice Bartlett

Tiny People Art on Green Fingernails! Artist Alice Bartlett created this miniature world on her own fingertips.

Banana Peel Trucker Hat

Artist Brock Davis shared his recent creation of “Banana Trucker Hat” he created for his kids. “My kids were grumpy at breakfast this morning, so I had this idea to make a quick banana peel […]

Fried Forever

Supersonic Art: Sean Norvet, Recent Work. Recent surreal work by.

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