Me ha hecho pensar en el camino de baldosas amarillas y los zapatos rojos Dorothy... Rollo colores bandera, igual era un concepto chulo...

The Albion BMX Magazine Issue 1 // Black and white photo + yellow number 1 translucent tone emphasizes central action


Will YOUR Dictionary Answer Modern Questions? Is it no longer reliable? TEST IT: "What is pragmatism?" I love the foxed and speckled background. In fact, I love everything about this page.

Poster Forma Arte by FelipeArte, via Flickr

A get great inspiration from good posters, specially the ones with good design and a little mix of art and good typography. That's why I selected some great posters with different styles to inspire you, enjoy!

Meat and bread#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Great branding and marketing by Glasfurd & Walker for Vancouver restaurant Meat & Bread

The Clash

Swissted is an ongoing project by graphic designer Mike Joyce, owner of stereotype design in New York to redesign vintage punk, hardcore, new wave, and indie rock show flyers into international typographic style posters.

Graphic Design — History in the Writing

The first anthology of its kind, Graphic Design: History in the Writing comprises the most influential texts about graphic design history published

Here - Eventbrite

Drum roll – polymath Thomas Heatherwick joins a stellar line-up for Here, our one-day creative symposium

Reframe Art Installation

Technicolored Thread Sculptures

Reframe / Paul Scales + Atelier Kit Atelier kit and Paul Scales has creates this installation made ​​of polycarbonate for the edition of the festival of ‘Living Architecture’ in Montpellier,.

escher fish v1 by EricGjerde, via Flickr

first plotted out idea for a simple escher-style fish tessellation. the tail didn't work out how I had hoped, unless I fold a larger model. larger = more work, so this one was nixed.

offset hex twist (p6m) sketch by EricGjerde, via Flickr

offset hex twist (p6m) sketch by EricGjerde, via Flickr

Design in Europe - news archive

visual source for european design