KILTS Revenge of the Kilt

Wow, will this franchise ever stop spawning sequels? Prrrrobably not..... #kilts #meninkilts
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Guys, stop wearing kilts unless you live in Scotland. If you're in the US wearing a kilt you just look like a white power racist asshole and it's not worth that just to have some air on your balls.

Angel snow kilt, the best of both worlds

In 1822 King George IV visited Scotland and wore a kilt. How did he keep his knees warm?

BEARDREVERED on TUMBLR / elderly punk / kilt / black leather jacket / punk f*ckin' rock

Ageing punks with grey mohawks rule at Jean Paul Gaultier at PFW - Who says punk is for kids? A handsome elderly model sports grown out beard and sculpted Spartan mohawk hairstyle

Holiday scotch—this is my photo of Ray. Not sure how it got reposted without my watermark.