Werenice Soare

Werenice Soare

Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena ^.^
Werenice Soare
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Heinrich Lossow

Heinrich Lossow March 1843 in Munich, Germany – 19 May 1897 in Schleissheim, Germany) was a German genre painter and illustrator. He was a prolific pornographer in his spare time.

A Pleasant Afternoon/Portrait of a Young Woman Reading. Lilian Matilda Genth (American, 1876-1953). Oil on canvas.

A Pleasant Afternoon/Portrait of a Young Woman Reading. Lilian Matilda Genth (American, Oil on canvas. Genth worked as a dress designer before winning the Elkins Scholarship, which allowed.

Blair and Chuck wedding

Our favorite Gossip Girl stars were captured filming the big reveal of the season 6 finale -- Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf Nuptial. On the set of images below, Chuck and Blair seem to be having the perfect day of their lives until.