bats made out of egg cartons.

egg carton bat craft - 10 Easy Halloween Bat Crafts for Kids - Bats Art Projects, Toilets Paper Roll Bats, Foam Bats. Hang around the house as October is Bat Appreciation Month

2nd grade Collaged flower pots with watercolor flowers

Flower pots with watercolor flowers craft.lesson in collages and watercolor

Germinate seeds in Gloves - Tape to window to watch them grow

Kids' Science in the Garden

The Full Circle Gardener: Gardening with Kids: Garden in a Glove. I know this is geared toward kids but it seems like it'd be a decent cat-proof way to germinate.

Flors amb plaqts de paper

Paper Plate Flower Weaving

Paper Plate Flower Weaving - simple weaving for kids - preschool flower craft using a paper plate (minus the weaving for us)

Jellybean Math for preschoolers from @Melissa Squires {mama♥miss} Love it! #preschool #mathed

Jellybean Math

Be sure to scroll down the page for the lesson ideas: Jellybean Math for preschoolers from Squires Squires {mama♥miss} Love it!

Portada d'un projecte de papallones.

butterflies do texture rubbing with crayons on butterfly then water color wash for a diff look. I like how they did the with the newspaper or pages!