Upgrade your hot chocolate with these 18 amazing flavor combos

Upgrade your hot chocolate with these 18 amazing flavor combos

Hot Chocolate - Tired of the same old Hot Chocolate? Spice it up with these new ideas. Want an adult Hot Chocolate? Visit my other pin located in "Drink It" board, for a great hot chocolate that visitors will beg for every year.

EwR.Vocabulary Poster #English Kitchen Vocabulary


pinned: you need to know what kitchen verbs are being used and what they mean to do so you can operate more efficiently.

The Sweetest Thing: Five (Pins) for Friday!... and more...

12 Tips on Staying Inspired

Healthy Living quotes to stay motivated to live well. How to start living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Tips to keep your healthy living goals on track.

Photo (1000 Life Hacks)

Photo (1000 Life Hacks)

1000 life hacks is here to help you with the simple problems in life. Posting Life hacks daily to.

51 - THE RESTAURANT - Pictures dictionary - English Study, explanations, free exercises, speaking, listening, grammar lessons, reading, writing, vocabulary, dictionary and teaching materials

Learn English online - Free exercises and explanations, tests, vocabulary, teaching materials on English as a foreign language

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English Chat [English Conversations]Free chat where ESL learners and teachers can chat in English For learners of English.

Fruit: Good for mind, body & soul

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Different ways to #cook food in a restaurant or at home. #Boiling, #simmering, #steaming, #stewing, #braising, #deep-frying, #sauteing, flambeing, pan-frying, broiling, grilling, roasting, baking

Cooking Methods Cheat Sheet Because there's a very real difference between pan-frying and deep-frying.