Virginia Iglesias

Virginia Iglesias

Virginia Iglesias
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10 maneiras brilhantes de reutilizar e reciclar pneus velhos

If you’re looking for a way to make use of any old tires you have laying around, then look no further. You can reuse your tires for a lot of different things. It’s actually one of the better ways to recycle old tires as well.

Elijah Layne's #newbornphotography in a tire swing! #outdoorsybaby #trueexpressionsphotography #tomballtx

Elijah Layne's in a tire swing!

Art Carved into Tires

Pneu hand-carved car tyres by Wim Delvoye. The Belgian artist Wim Delvoye and his hand-carved car tyres work name Pneu is providing evidence of what masterpiece can be made out of the most ignored objects. In one word: wow!