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Religious Stained Glass Roundel Lamb of God

English Salvage (formerly Leominster Reclamation) are the premier architectural salvage and Reclamation Yard in the UK. Providing everything from reclaimed doors, flooring, fireplaces, stained glass and architectural pieces, to antique garden items

The Agnus Dei

Stained glass showing Lamb of God with vexillum and chalice, from chapel that used to be part of a Sacred Heart convent in El Cajon, California

GloriaDei's DeviantArt Gallery Potloodtekening Agnus Dei. Beeld Kerstkaart voor 2011, eindelijk klaar. Dit is de reloaded afbeelding, maar ik heb nog steeds de grens tweaken een beetje. grafiet HB & 4B op schets papier. Foto verwijzing hier [link] met dank aan Rob23411 [link]

This is a drawing of a portion of the Michelangelo statue "Pietá". The full statue depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the Crucifixion. I was inspired by Imaginee' s (Lind.