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Daniel Martin Diaz and The Soul of Science

Daniel Martin Diaz and The Soul of Science Illustration // Monday, 08 Jul 2013

Parque de los Menhires, A Coruña, Spain | via Mis Lutier

© Mis Lutier - A Coruña - Menhires - The ride is part of the Dolmens routes around the Tower of Hercules, created as part of the campaign of appointment as a World Heritage Site, and is integrated into the Pradeiras das Agra, a prairie grass area where th

Ida and Pingala, two interwinning snakes that aid in the transformation process during alchemy

Tantra Manuscript A Basohli painting collected in Rawson's The Art of Tantra. A Pair of Snakes.

Mandragora, from Tacuinum Sanitatis (1474  mandrake

More details Illustration from the manuscript Tacuinum Sanitatis detailing the beneficial and harmful properties of Mandrakes. >Mandragora Tacuinum Sanitatis - Plant defense against herbivory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Tarot Art & History Tours of Italy with Arnell Ando and Friends

Karl Blossfeldt Aesculus parviflora Horse chesnut Branch tips magnified twelve times