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Faceted Metal Vases

Faceted Metal Vases

pouch brass vase

Hot spot for dried or faux blooms, narrow vessel sits pretty in small spaces/book shelves. Iridescent burnt brass finish is just the right amount of distressed. Cast aluminum grid texture adds to the allure.

ACV Studio Brass Vase

ACV Studio Brass Vase - coming soon

Estados Unidos 5, aguamarina anillo oro, anillo aguamarina crudo, áspero de la piedra preciosa Natural, áspero anillo aguamarina, piedra preciosa aguamarina Natural oro anillo

US Aquamarine Gold Ring, Raw Aquamarine Ring, Rough Natural Gemstone, Rough Aquamarine Ring, Natural Aquamarine Gemstone Gold Ring

This vase is made by a.c.v studio, by hand, from brass and silver solder.

v studio, by hand, from brass and silver solder.