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VIDEO: Discover How to “Unbreak” Broken Ceramics

How to Fix Broken Pottery (The art of Kintsugi). You'll Need: Epoxy for ceramic, Gold mica powder, paper plate, toothpick or end of matchstick.

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make your own photo booth for photographing pottery (it folds up flat against the wall when not in use) PLUS other links

If you love pottery, but don’t have access to all of the tools (like a potter’s wheel for instance), today’s video is for you. In this video, an excerpt from Handbuilding with Mitch Lyons, Mitch demonstrates making a seamless cylindrical form using a series of dowel rods in graduated sizes to hollow out the center.... Read More »

The Broomstick Method: Making Cylindrical Pottery Without a Pottery Wheel - Ceramic Arts Network

Lakeside Pottery Raku Workshop Guide

Our Raku Guide explains most of the details on how we run our workshops