Revisión de herramientas y materiales para la arcilla del polímero no estándar ... con enlaces a un montón de ideas diferentes de texturizado

DIY texture tools and samples. Handles in picture are made of polymer clay, but could use unfired clay, a rubber band, wax, etc.

Instructable: DIY Sculpting Tools

instructables: “ Make Your Own Sculpting Tools “ I never have exactly the tool I want for working with clay, so I recently searched out how to make a new set of rakes and loops for my tool box.

Artist/studio brush storage. this will definitely make sure ur brushes last longer

I love the wall mounted paint brush organization. It's easy to see each brush and they would dry well after cleaning. LA CUISINE DE L'ARTISTE Plus

Texture ideas

Texture polymer clay with household items: golf ball, basket, long bolt, etc. Lots of neat ideas for creative texturing!love this lizardy texture!