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watercolor painting of trees and mountains in the distance with snow on ground, one tree has no leaves
Eyvind Earle Watercolor Landscape 1951
a painting of a building with trees painted on it
Mauve Barn, 1980 - Eyvind Earle - WikiArt.org
Eyvind Earle
a painting of a tree in front of a barn with snow on the ground and roof
Gaviota Pass - Eyvind Earle - WikiArt.org
Red Barn and Tree Trunk- Eyvind Earle
a man riding skis down the side of a snow covered slope next to tall trees
Eyvind Earle
an image of a desert landscape with trees and animals in the distance, at night
Eyvind Earle
eyvind earle
a drawing of a woman with long hair and a bird on her head is shown
Early Autumn, 1996 - Eyvind Earle - WikiArt.org
Early Autumn - Eyvind Earle
two horses standing side by side in front of a blue background with white and black spots
Three Noble Horses, 1993 - Eyvind Earle - WikiArt.org
Three Noble Horses (1993) - Eyvind Earle
an image of a landscape with trees and yellow water in the background, as well as mountains
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Eyvind Earle
a black and white painting of a tree with mountains in the background
eyvind earle
a group of horses running through a forest with trees and sun in the sky behind them
Eyvind Earle
an illustration of a tree with red barns in the background
Red Barn and Grey Sky, 1975 - Eyvind Earle - WikiArt.org
Red Barn and Grey Sky - Eyvind Earle
a painting of trees and snow in the woods
"Winter Trees" by Eyvind Earle
a painting of a red barn in the middle of a snow covered field with trees
New Hand Cut Serigraphs from Prolific Artist Eyvind Earle Available NOW from Palette Contemporary Art & Craft
Eyvind Earle
an abstract painting of trees and hills in the distance with blue, yellow, and white colors
Eyvind Earle, "Yellow Field". He was the artist that did the styling, backgrounds, and coloring of Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"
a painting of a red fence in the snow
eyvind earle greeting card
eyvind earle greeting card - Google Search