45 Ways to Avoid using "Very" #writing #editing #tips

45 Ways to Avoid using "Very" Mwahahaha! FORCED good writing just by using better descriptive words.

Jigsaw pairs - print off & laminate so you can reuse.   - subject pronouns/ verbs, questions/ answers, etc

Jigsaw Pairs

There are so many things you could do with these! Here’s a few ideas: - lower case/upper case letter matching - sight words - antonyms - synonyms - math sums - shape names & pictures - analogue/digital time - subject area questions & answers

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Weather asking questions and different types of weather English lesson. Learn about the types of weather.

Present continuous

This is a worksheet and answer key for Present Continuous. The worksheet includes examples of present continuous in affirmative, negative and question forms.

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στάση νηπιαγωγείο: Καρναβάλι

Asking the way in English and giving directions - learn English,vocabulary,communication,englishPara más información: Karen Luceti 410-443-1163 kluceti@chesapeake.edu

Asking the way in English and giving directions - learn English,vocabulary,communication,english Mais