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Aw this is so cute

One of my favorite gifs of all time ❤️ /// haikyuu love boys love kageyama Hinata karasuno

leo and blake 3  -  2/5 by on @DeviantArt:

Let's see now, I would like to see a Merman Leo or Blake, or both! XD Or Blake wearing something smexy that m. leo and blake 3 -

Que intenso 7u7

request from : FridaChann - edit: she mean if leo could get a cold -storytime : yesterday told me a mother of a friend, one of the best thing about being one is to be able to take care, and being t.

Gumlee. When it was everything.

said: Hey I just wantEd to say that I'm a HUGE fan of yours an you art IS to die for like I swear ! I have a request um could you pleas make more smutty Gumlee it would make my day.