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red and white candy canes hanging from a window
5 days of inspiration: Frills of the season
Hang candy canes in kitchen window for an easy and joyous #Christmas decorating idea.
an old dresser and chair in a room
The hovse
La Casita de Margaux en The Hovse
there is a bike parked on the wooden deck outside in the sun, next to potted plants
la azotea -
various items are laid out on a white surface
Free As A Bee
Packaging #branding #marketing
a white wall with three crosses hanging from it's sides and flowers on the side
an open cardboard box with a photo inside
The hovse
Oddy Neighbpurs in The Hovse
christmas presents under a tree with ornaments hanging from the branches and wrapped in brown paper
73 Brilliant Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Ideas
Nordic Christmas Decorating | Scandinavian Decorating Ideas for Christmas.
two vases filled with flowers on top of a table next to spools of thread
Designers Guild decorations and gift wrap
three candles are sitting on a table next to some flowers and other personal care items
Designers Guild First rose candles
there are many different colored ornaments in the bowl
Shiny and Bright: Vintage Glass Ornaments
Vintage baubles
two books wrapped in blue and green paper with a ribbon tied around the book ends
Designer Books & Stationery | Designers Guild
Tricia Guild's Colour Deconstructed book
a table topped with white plates and candles
Luxury Tableware | Designer Tableware | Designers Guild
Designers Guild Astier tableware
a fireplace with candles and flowers on it
Gifts Shop | Designers Guild
Decorating for Christmas at home with Tricia Guild as seen in this months Homes & Gardens magazine, UK
a woman standing in front of a table with purple and green decorations on top of it
Tricia Guild: How to decorate your Christmas table as seen in this months UK Homes & Gardens magazine
three candles are sitting on a mantle with flowers in vases and a mirror behind them
Designer Candles | luxury candles | Designers Guild
Designers Guild Saraille candles are the perfect table piece for Christmas