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Recording Studio by UM Project - News - Frameweb

Digital, analogue, or custom furniture? Brooklyn-based studio UM Project has combined all three, in this retro-revival recording studio for The Motherbrain.

Vocal EQ Cheat Sheet - for sound recording and such

Vocal EQ Cheat Sheet - for sound recording and mixing. Put this up in your studio.Useful for identifying problem frequencies.

Vinilo | ZenbloG

Cush Design Studio makes custom consoles for your record player setup, with space for vinyls and speakers. It's made of corrugated cardboard and walnut.

HAO Design Studio is behind this stunning loft in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The industrial space was designed for a couple and their record collection, plus their parade of three furry felines (but it would make a killer bachelor pad as well). A striking mix of materials is used throughout the apartment. Bright marble floors were swapped out for a more subdued and modern concrete. A large iron panel greets guests with an image chosen by the owners. An exposed brick wall sets the tone in theā€¦

HAO Design Studio designed this modern/industrial apartment in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan for a couple, their three beloved cats, and all of their collectibles.