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the woman is bathing her baby hippopotamus in the bathtub and then giving it a drink
I AM DYING. pigmy hippo, I MUST have one!
a fluffy cat sitting on top of a desk
Conheça Smoothie, A Gata Mais Fotogênica do Mundo
** Me thinks if yoo knowz wut yoo believe, it makes it a lot easier to answers questions. Me can'ts answers yer tho.
a baby goat laying on top of a white bed
several boxes stacked on top of each other with pictures in the bottom one is empty
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
two elephants touching each other's trunks with their tusks in black and white
A l'état sauvage !
two wet otters in the water with their backs turned to look like they are hugging
a small white dog wearing a blue and yellow striped towel wrapped around its head, looking at the camera
Ready for my walk!
a polar bear is swimming in the water
Hello Mr bear
two black and white pandas sleeping in a hammock on a tree branch
Bear hugs.
a close up of a goat with it's mouth open
Smiling animal
Smiiiiile :)
a dog sticking its head out the window of a car, with it's tongue hanging out
Could be wrong, but I think he likes cars.
so happy