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the logo for tree bits with santa's hat on it and text in spanish
Ocho tipos de jefes tóxicos [Infografía]. Tipos de jefes
Ya es Navidad en TreceBits! :D
the new year is coming and it's time to be released in spanish language
Gracias por todo amigos! Os deseamos lo mejor...
a cat that is sitting on top of a tree branch with a lion mane around it's neck
Love it! #cats
three book covers with the faces of two men in glasses on them, and one has been cut out to look like he is wearing sunglasses
El Gran Libro del Community Manager
the new year has been written in different languages and numbers, with colorful circles around it
Feliz año señores! :)
a sign that says to street in front of an escalator
London tube
an old man with glasses and a white hair is talking to another person in spanish
Feliz lunes! :)
a poster with the words, a porel lunes treeebits on it
Buenos días, a por el lunes!
a koala standing on top of a pile of dirt
a white coffee cup with a unicorn on it next to a spoon and napkins
No dream impossible
cupcakes with blue frosting and green icing are arranged on a table
Cupcakes TreceBits ;-)
a cartoon depicting the birth of jesus and his son, who was born to him
Redes Sociales y gestión del tiempo
Protocolo para moviles... jejjjeeeee