Roberto Pizarro

Roberto Pizarro

"Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera" Pablo Neruda
Roberto Pizarro
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The Rain Drum umbrella is a concept designed by Dong Min Park to make you smile on a rainy day. As water hits the umbrella, drum sounds are "played". Different sections of the umbrella will produce up to 5 different frequencies (hi-hat, crash, tom-tom, bass and snare). A very neat concept to dream about.

The Rain Drum (why didn't you call it the Drumbrella?) is a conceptual umbrella designed by Dong Min Park to provide a little musical accompaniment to a walk through the rain.

MotoCzysz E1pc

The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association (OEVA) is a non-profit association of electric vehicle enthusiasts. We promote electric vehicle education and encourage their safe construction and use.

SORA Electric Motorcycle

Sora electric motorbike from Lito Green Motion is the latest and glorious ‘machine’. The commendable innovation is the brainchild of a creative unit of bike-loving engineers. It took them two years to come up with this finished remarkable.