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a light house sitting on top of a body of water under a cloudy blue sky
a person sitting on a rock in front of a wooden church with a steeple
the mountains are reflected in the still water on the lake's surface as clouds loom overhead
the road is surrounded by mountains with snow on them and green trees in the foreground
two large boats are docked in the water near some mountains and people standing on the shore
the water is green and calm in the mountains
a large waterfall towering over a lush green forest next to a dirt road in front of tall trees
a large waterfall is coming out of the side of a mountain
a cobblestone street with flowers growing on the side of it and a white house in the background
a large building sitting next to a body of water with boats in front of it
a man and woman standing next to each other on the sidewalk in front of a building
two people standing on top of a statue in the middle of a city square at sunset
an empty road in the middle of mountains with grass on both sides and blue sky above