Homemade Doughnuts! Pinner said:  This used to be my Christmas Morning Tradition and my kids LOVE them..but with Powdered Sugar! Think I will begin this again:)

Easy Homemade Doughnuts

I have to laugh as my mom made these for us growing up some 40 years ago- She used the reg biscuit and did the "hole" with powdered sugar and the donut with cinnamon/sugar mix--

Baked Apple Fritters

Apple Fritters- These were so easy, i think they might be my go-to potluck dessert! ( Gluten Free Flour works just as well for those concerned ) ********

Recetas para niños: aritos de manzana receta con fruta

Recetas con frutas: Aritos de manzana fritos

Move over onion rings! This fried ring recipe uses fresh granny smith apples to create a savory and sweet appetizer (or is it dessert).

Receta de Mermelada de pera

Receta de Mermelada de pera

6 Recipes Showing You How to Make Healthier Baked Goods Using Purées

Pastel de flan de calabaza receta

Pastel imposible de calabaza

Pumpkin Flan Cake -- In this tasty pumpkin hybrid dessert recipe, you get two favorites--cake and flan--in one, topped with creamy dollops of COOL WHIP Whipped Topping. But I would use cool whip. I would make my own homemade whip cream.

Receta de Mermelada de fresa

Strawberry Joke Q: Why was the little strawberry crying? A: His parents were in a jam.

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Pastel de manzana