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two statues are standing in front of an orange and yellow sky
a creepy looking man standing in front of an open door
RC 40: Más ilustraciones
RC 40: Más ilustraciones
a comic strip with an image of a giant man
Shadows in the Mist 1 - Web of Fear.
two people are sitting on top of an object in the middle of the sky with other objects around them
Richard #Corben
©Richard Corben Cartagena, 2d, Heavy Metal, Comic Book Artists, Comic Artist, Mmo, Comics Artist
©Richard Corben
two women are laying on the ground in front of plants and an image of a man
Nasty Boogy.
A Feast Unknown - P J Farmer Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs, American Comics, Sabertooth, Harlan Ellison
A Feast Unknown - P J Farmer
the cover art for teenage mutant, featuring two ninjas fighting over an alligator and other animals
an image of a man being attacked by a demon
Big Foot #1
a man sitting next to a giant gorilla on top of a dirt hill with trees in the background
Big Foot #3
an image of a man laying down on the ground
©Richard Corben