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a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground with her arms up in the air
lola vendetta, la ilustradora feminista que nos ha enamorado a todos
lola vendetta mis gafas de pasta04
an old man and woman are talking to each other in front of trash cans, with a dog sitting on the ground next to them
Joan Cornellà on Twitter
some people are doing different things in the same drawing style, and one person is holding something
Juguetes baratos y catálogos completos | Don Jugueto
the comic strip shows how people are talking to each other and one person is holding a balloon
Oh... Dios! 3.0 - Las ideas nunca mueren
Las ideas nunca mueren
the silhouettes of people standing on top of a cliff, with flags flying above them
Humor negro: guerras
Humor negro: guerras
an image of two bulls fighting each other in the middle of a desert area with orange sky
Guillermo Mordillo
an image of a pink object with two people on it
an image of cartoon characters in front of a brick wall
Gillermo Mordillo
an old comic strip with cartoon characters riding horses and donkeys in the middle of them
Entrevista a Mordillo. 2006.
Peripecias de Chiquirritipis: Entrevista a Mordillo. 2006.
a comic strip with an image of jesus and the woman who is holding her hand out to
« Rubrique-à-brac », Gai-Luron, Superdupont : (re)lisez le meilleur de Gotlib
« Rubrique-à-brac », Gai-Luron, Superdupont : (re)lisez le meilleur de Gotlib
a cartoon depicting a man running on the beach with money bags over his head, and another person laying in the sand
Strambotic » Veinte viñetas que explican de forma elocuente el capitalismo y su hija bastarda: la desigualdad
La pataleta Memo, Quadcopter, Dvd, Twitter
La pataleta
La pataleta
two people with umbrellas are standing in the snow and one is reading a newspaper
Hay momentos en los que uno no distingue si es nieve o caspa
a comic strip showing how to use the same language as an image, but with different expressions
some cartoon characters sitting at a table
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