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Chest Biomechanical Heart Tattoo by SW Tattoo - something like this but not a chest tattoo and less gross.

6HRgiger_brettbarr   Biomechanical awesomeness!!

Bio-Mech tattoo Inspired by the works of HR Giger. Done by Brett J Barr @ Primal Tattoo, Casselberry FL 8 visits about 40 hours. Rate of pictures of tattoos, submit your own tattoo picture

The eagle is a symbol of freedom, which represents Protection, Masculinity and Power.

Eagle tattoo - Eagle tattoos come with all great representation: strength, wisdom, power and spirituality. This is the reason why you often see it on sigils, logos and brands.

Bio-Mechanical Tattoo Design @Blind_Nobility #Artistic style and views on the tattoo industry.

What are your thoughts on bio mechanical tattoos? Great detail in this tattoo by Sebastian Żmijewski at Bloody Art Tattoo in Gdańsk, Poland.