Tito Fonseca Simonut

Tito Fonseca Simonut

Tito Fonseca Simonut
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Yo también elegí vivir limpio y con la conciencia tranquila!! Cuido a mi familia al ambiente y al bolsillo!! Si quieres te ayudo! titanka@gmail.com #meencantaelbienestar

Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day, With EcoSense by Melaleuca. Making simply changes will have huge results!

Sigue a dólar la membresía en Estados Unidos!! Yo te ayudo!  titanka@gmail.com

What an awesome price to go green, safe, toxin free and healthy! Limited time, offer expires Let me know if you are interested!

Algunos usos para nuestros maravillosos productos!! Yo te puedo ayudar!  titanka@gmail.com  #meencantaelbienestar

I love all my Melaleuca cleaning products! They are safe, natural cleaning products that work great and save you money because of how concentrated they are!

La calidad de marcas de lujo, por una fracción del precio!  titsnka@gmail.com

Im 40 and have been using the skin care line for years! Melaleuca Sei Bella cosmetic line is all natural and compares to all the higher luxury brands in quality but at a fraction of the price! No harmful chemicals and no animal testing!

Mejores maquillajes a mejor precio!!  titanka@gmail.com

Sei Bella mineral foundation from Melaleuca-- feels like you aren't wearing any make-up. I switched from using Bare Mineral to this- like it better plus it's cheaper and a bigger container.

Cuídate mientras te maquillas!!  Todo en cosméticos naturales, sin parabenos ni plomo ni mercurio, enriquecidos con vitaminas  y tratamiento para la piel!! Yo te ayudo!!  <meencantaelbienestar

Meet the four new Sei Bella Stylesetters Palettes: Hurricane, Mermaid Lagoon, Open Waters, and Seahorse!

Al fin en México!! Aceite de Melaleuca, con muchísimas aplicaciones!!  #meencantaelbienestar

Melaleuca Oil: natural bacterial and viral fighter. works great on minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites, burns. even mild acne!

Cambia de tienda y ahorra!!!  Deja de gastar de mas!!!  #meencantaelbienestar

All natural, kid/pet friendly health/beauty, cleaning products etc. Costs less, and cleans better than Lysol, Tide etc.

Un pedido de 35 puntos!!

Un pedido de 35 puntos!!