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there are four candles that are on top of a piece of wood and have been placed in the shape of a tree stump
Toccata Lamp • Recyclart
Toccata Lamp Lamps & Lights
two knives are hanging on the wall next to a knife holder
Reclaimed Wood Cookbook & Tablet Stand
Antique Organ Pipe Knife Holder
there is a sandwich made to look like a piece of bread with an orange carrot sticking out of it
funny creative sandwiches
piano piano
chocolate bars are lined up on a table
Record & Music Themed Couples Bridal Shower
Easy Kit-Kat piano at any party for a music lover
a yellow bird with musical notes on it's body is hanging from a hook
little birdie ornaments
Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments
5th symphony
5th symphony
a white gold ring with a diamond in the center and two diamonds on each side
lovely idea for little gifts when going to friends for lunch or thank you gifts to teachers . http://bit.ly/HqvJnA
three different pictures of a necklace with an image of a woman holding a tennis racquet
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Violin Necklace by WhitneySarasota on Etsy