I. M. Cuerda pulsada: laúd, guitarra...

Iconografía musical. Instrumentos de cuerda pulsada con mástil: guitarras, laúdes, mandolinas, etc.
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a still life with flowers and other items on a table
Vanitas (oil on canvas) Posters & Prints by French School - Pinterest
three pictures of a violin, skull and book on a table with other items in front of it
Wine Related Dutch Paintings of the 17th Century
Vanitas Still Life With The Spinario, Pieter Claesz, 1628, Rijksmuseum - Pinterest
there is a still life with skulls and other items
Still Life: An Allegory of the Vanities of Human Life' by Harmen Steenwyck (love vanitas paintings--they remind us of the fleeting nature of life so we remember to live in the moment each and every day!) - Pinterest
an image of a painting with many things on it
Vanitas: Not Living in the Moment
Vanitas - Pinterest
a painting with musical instruments and other items
- Pinterest
a painting with many objects on the ground
Modern Vanitas Still Life | Large Vanitas Still-Life by Pieter Boel - Pinterest
a painting of a man holding a guitar in his right hand and wearing a red dress
"Les Bas-fonds du Baroque" au Petit Palais - Alain.R.Truong
Simon Vouet, La Joueuse de guitare, vers 1618-1620, Huile sur toile, 107 x 75 cm Rome, collection des marquis Patrizi Naro Chigi Montoro. © Collection particulière - Pinterest
a painting of two people playing instruments
Woman Playing the Theorbo-Lute and a Cavalier - Gerard Terborch (1658) - Pinterest
a painting of a man holding a lute
Nicholas Lanier with The Liberation of St. Peter, 1613, Hendrick van Steenwyck II. Dutch Baroque Era Painter (ca 1580 - 1649) - Pinterest
a painting of a woman holding a musical instrument
Vrouw die een teorbe stemt, Frans van Mieris (I), 1665 - Rijksmuseum
Tuning the Lute. Frans van Mieris (I), 1660 - 1681 Rijksmuseum - Pinterest
an image of a man with a lute in his hand and caption that reads, has the lutig started?
Man playing the Lute - Venice 16th century - Giovanni Cariani (c. 1490–1547) - Pinterest
Jan van BIJLERT - The Lute Player - Pinterest Utrecht, Van, Musicals, Meister, Dutch Painters
Jan van BIJLERT - The Lute Player
Jan van BIJLERT - The Lute Player - Pinterest
a close up of a painting of a man holding a guitar in his right hand
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Man with a Lira da Bracchio, ca. 1515 (Unknown Artist) - Pinterest