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the table is set outside by the window
an outdoor dining area with table and chairs
ellen dixdotter osterlen-13
ellen dixdotter osterlen-16
an outdoor garden with stone walkways and trees
a woman is sitting in the hot tub
Photo 14 of 17 in An Artist and Her Builder Husband Shake the Dust…
a wooden deck with an umbrella and table in the middle, surrounded by greenery
Under min syrén.. – Emelie Sundberg
Under my lilac... - Emelie Sundberg
an outdoor hot tub surrounded by flowers and greenery next to a wall with a woman sitting in it
whitenoten: Photo
whitenoten: Photo
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by stone walls and green grass in front of some trees
Casual Saturday : What's In a (House) Name, Willow, An Inspiring interior paint combination, Weekend Sales and more! - Chris Loves Julia
an empty swimming pool in the middle of a park with chairs and trees around it
Monday Inspirations 5.8 - Harlowe James
a wooden deck with tables and chairs next to trees
Under min syrén.. – Emelie Sundberg
a table and chairs on a wooden deck with lights strung above it in the background
Inspiring Outdoor Spaces — Toile and Tide
an aerial view of a pool in the middle of a field
haute boheme