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Top 10 Nail Art Ideas that you will Love

Ombre means 'shaded' in French. Celebs have been doing ombre across nails, but I prefer this technique - shading each nail. For a subtle work look, do it with clean French mani pink & white. #manimadness

We have seen ombre in hair and now it has made its way to nails. Ombre nails is about to be the next new fashion trend. The ombre can look good with many styles and colors.

I don't know why they had to include "for latinas" on the cover, because that's certainly not true.. but regardless, this is definitely something I will try!  Pink Gradient Nail Art - How to Get Ombre Nails - Cosmopolitan

Nail Art How-To: Sparkly Pink Ombre Manicure

OMBRE NAILS :: Pink Ombre Nails :: Thumb to Pinky: Gelish Less Talk, Gelish Gossip Girl, Shellac Hot Pop Pink, Gelish Take Action, Gelish Pink Smoothie | #msbeautybee

Want for my toes! Pink Ombre Nails Base Colors: Gelish Less Talk (Thumb), Gelish Gossip Girl (Index), Shellac Hot Pop Pink (Middle), Gelish Take Action (Ring), Gelish Pink Smoothie (Pinky)

Blue Ombre Nails

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