Aprendiendo a atar los cordones.

DIY shoe lacing cards

Create easy DIY lacing cards to help kids learn to tie their shoe laces - this isn't a printable but instructions on how to make a shoe that looks like your child's

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Fine Motor Color Sorting Activity for Kids

Tripod grasp activity for preschoolers and toddlers. So much learning with this cheap and easy activity~ colors, sorting, patterns, counting. {Sugar Aunts}I think this could be fun for older kids set up as a relay race!

Espirals i altres patrons (imprimibles gratuït) de Rachel (",)

Lots of Lines

FIne Motor Activity: Spirals and other Patterns (free printable; from Stimulating Learning with Rachel) Mikayla Genwright PD k

Geoplano. Visión espacial. Motricidad fina

Saw these style boards on Oriental Trading for use as geometry boards. Wondered a diy hack. Use glue on bottom circle of thumbtack to secure it from being plucked out by little fingers. Sowdering About in Seattle: Toddler Busy Boxes

Ingrédients de l'art

Ingrédients de l'art - Ingredients of Art Dot, circle, square, triangle, stain…

El pavelló d´Infantil: QUADERN DE GRAFISMES

adaptive art idea- Cut out circles and have students choose color groups. Create a background with pattern in black sharpie.