Not sure what this business card is for but it is very funny and done in a very comic book/cartoon-y style which I really like


46 Badges and Logos Bundle

Pi #Aronofsky #Pi

Pi (1998) [700x1050]

Entries for the brief to design a poster based around Pi, the film from Darren Aronofsky, in partnership with Lionsgate Films.

«Puglie Halloween» de Puglie  Pug

pugliepug: “ HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE °˖ ✧ ∠(◉♔◉U 」∠)_ ✧ ˖ ° Halloween’s this Friday, and Puglie’s all too ready to dress up ;] ” Throwback to all the spoopy classic costumes Puglie had last year What will the Halloween theme be this year?