Fundada en 1984 y con sede en Italia. Soluciones de diseño de alta calidad, dinámicos e innovadores son la base de cada colección. Casamania representa una estética moderna, colecciones que abarcan una amplia gama de piezas, sistemas y muebles modulares, iluminación y accesorios.
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Valises combines to form a complete wardrobe system created to safeguard garments, shoes and accessories in style.


Sam Baron Marie Antoinette Cabinet and Side Table - Pieces adorned with elaborate work in marquetry and delicate graceful structure, with a sculptural aesthetic which gave them a sense of status aside from their functional aspect.

TOSHI 3 Aparador

TOSHI 3 Aparador

Aparador Toshi 1 de Casamania

Aparador Toshi 1 de Casamania


Harry and Camila Pressious Chair - A collection of seating solutions including stools and chairs, available with 4 types of structure: 4 leg, stackable sleigh base, sleigh base with armrests and stool with sleigh base.

VAD Mesa

Contemporary cocktail tables and coffee tables are presented in Bonluxat’s collection on this page. These tables often serve as a central focal element in a living room.

LEA2 Sillón Cama

Upholstered armchair bed LEA Upholsteries Timeless Collection by

KANT Taburete

Kant is a sculptural and futuristic bar stool designed by Karim Rashid for Casamania. The rounded, streamline shape of the stool is characteristic of Karim Ras