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tank prototypes that never saw service | Comparison Top 10 Heaviest Tanks

Mega tanks from Hitler's mad mind ,You can say that off course ,but it was more a counter development on a design the russians would bring to bare.(They had a Landcruiser design of their own ,when the Russian design was cancelled so was the German one)

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Tanque de Tigre de Rey alemán en la Batalla del Aumento "

"German King Tiger tank in the Battle of the Bulge" by Philip Arena: Painting of World War II German King Tiger tank in the Battle of the Bulge 1944 offering a ride to German fallschirmjager paratroopers. panzer paintings in oil series.

Las Cosicas del Panzer — Torretas de: Char B1 Bis, IS-2, Panzer III, King...

Las Cosicas del Panzer — Ask me anything & Hazme preguntas.