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Giant pockets are my current obsession and the new Hi-Low Pocket Top, this months free sewing pattern, has them in abundance.

Baby Dory By Lupita Suarez - Free Crochet Pattern - (lupitas423.wix)

Better than buying a Royal Blue Tang, let them stay in the ocean where they can thrive :) Here’s the pattern to make yourself a little blue friend that is soft and can travel out of water.

Crochet Carebear pattern - ahhh childhood memories :)

OMG I loved Care Bears as a kid! The Vintage Toy Chest: Crochet Patterns. Care Bears and much more!

RABBIT HAT CROCHET PATTERN from the book "Amigurumi Animal Hats Growing Up" by Linda Wright. 20 crocheted animal hat patterns for Ages 6-Adult. Book available at and

Amigurumi Long Eared Rabbit Crochet Bunny Baby Shower Gift Doll with Liberty Lawn clothes

Crocheted Rabbit hat pattern from the book, "Amigurumi Animal Hats Growing Up" by Linda Wright.

Patrón gratis amigurumi de la serpiente de fun zoo

crocheted snake - so cute! Maybe someday I will research the crochet terms that translated strangely. Pattern is here, but not sure what the stitches are. "wp - air loop", would that be magic circle?

Lucky Chicken Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern | Craft Passion

Lucky Chicken Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern

Quick & easy Chicken Pattern in Pyramid & Tetrahedron shape. Perfect to sew as ornament, pincushion, doorstop, bean bag, potpourri sachet & paper weight. – Page 2 of 2