Craft fair idea

Another show under my belt

cool display

Adding a bench on top of a bench gives your stall extra height, and makes viewing easier for customers.

Craft show fair booth idea

Craft Show Pictures from Yesterday - Page 3 - Hip Girl Boutique Free Hair Bow Instructions--Learn how to make hairbows and hair clips,

craft display - TABLE idea

Craft Fair: Display table with built stacks of boxes on either side and hang a garland (of letters, info, business cards, bubbles or products) between for visual attraction

craft display

Make sure the labels and signs on your display match the products you& selling - it& a simple way to build a strong brand

Most unique craft fair tent ever!! Look through more of her photos...

Outdoor Tent setup by Reincarnations Furniture - Love her sign attached to her tent top using velcro.

Effective shelving and clean, neat and orderly.

Make Mascara Count.hold a business card up along the inside edge of your lashes and sweep the brush against it with your other hand so lashes cant bend out of the way and you end up coating every lash all the way to the tip.